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Basic development

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I support you and your company with all engineering services and ensure that new processes and plant technologies are successfully implemented in your company and that your employees are adequately trained for optimal use of the technologies.

Get advice and support from an expert in laser and connection technology to ensure maximum success for your business. I will advise you individually and work with you to develop the best possible way of working in order to implement your project quickly and successfully!


This is how I can support your company:

  • Basic development of joining processes
  • Implementation of new joining technologies
  • Advice on joining and production technology
  • Management of plant commissioning/installations
  • Introduction of new connection technologies
  • Management of process and plant start-ups
  • Training of employees in new processes and plant technologies
  • Laser safety training
  • Advice on the implementation of laser contract manufacturing
  • Integration of process monitoring
  • Definition of quality assurance measures


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